[reposted from the 8/20/13 John Burton Foundation newsletter]

The John Burton Foundation Announces New Program for College Bound Foster Youth 

Starting this academic year, the John Burton Foundation will increase their support to foster youth in college by creating the Burton Fund, a new initiative that will pay up to $500/student for books needed for the upcoming school year. The Burton Fund will enhance the current Burton Scholars Backpack to Success Program by directly paying for the books needed for their classes so that students will not suffer a delay in purchasing this essential tool to further their studies.

This new initiative is open to all students who are Chafee grant eligible and have this information confirmed by their Financial Aid/Guardian Scholar Office. For more information, please contact Diane Matsuda at the John Burton Foundation: diane@johnburtonfoundation.org.


Where is my Chafee check?

September 17, 2009

This question is probably on your mind each day the semester goes by without your Chafee check.


Many requests have been brought at the table to have the Chafee checks be sent out earlier, but unfortunately the earliest we’ve received Chafee checks are mid October from the California Student Aid Commission (they distribute the Chafee checks). However, for most of you, there is a Pell Grant disbursement going out tomorrow. This disbursement will hopefully hold you over for a few more weeks. This disbursement will be what you are awarded for the rest of the semester (so definitely budget!).

If you are not sure if you have applied for the Chafee Grant please click here to access the online application.

The requirements to be eligible for the Chafee:

  • be a current or former foster youth
  • not have reached your 22nd birthday as of July 1, 2009
  • have financial need (fill out the FAFSA)
  • be enrolled in an eligible career or technical school or public or private college or university
  • be enrolled at least half time
  • be enrolled in a program at least one academic year long
  • attend class regularly and get good grades