Quick reminder about a very important semester deadline…

If you need to drop a full-term Fall 2013 DVC class. This Friday, November 22nd, is the last day to be able to withdraw with a “W” on your transcript.

If you’re thinking about a particular class and need advice about whether to stay in it or drop it, don’t forget your DVC counselors are an excellent resource. Drop-in visits with counselors are available this week. Visit the Counseling Center to check the schedule.


spring-think-assetDid you know the time to prepare for spring semester is NOW?

With the holidays right around the corner, spring semester can sometimes really take students by surprise. Don’t let that happen to you!

The DVC Spring 2014 schedule is online, along with other helpful information about preparing for spring semester.

To access the schedule and see important dates and deadlines for the spring semester, visit: www.dvc.edu/think.

Have questions about how to register or about DVC in general? Get in touch with the START coordinators at DVC by contacting the EOPS Office at DVC.