piggy bank collegeWhat other sources of financial aid can I apply for?
What does a winning scholarship application look like?
What opportunities are out there for me?

If you want answers to these questions and more, attend an upcoming scholarship workshop.

In conjunction with EOPS, several scholarship workshops will be offered to help you get a leg up on the competition. Leslie Mills, the DVC Scholarship Coordinator, can answer all your questions about opportunities for current DVC students to earn more money for college. True, it takes more work to apply for a scholarship, but the benefits are huge. A few hours of work could translate into a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars.

DVC Scholarship Workshop (2 sessions)
Session I – Tuesday, 11/3, 11am-12pm – Student Services Center, Room 216
Sesssion II – Thursday, 11/12, 3-4pm – Student Services Center, Room 216

Kennedy King Scholarship Workshop (2 sessions)
(for minority students planning to transfer Fall 2010)
Session I – Monday, 11/16, 3:30-4:30pm – Student Services Center, Room 216
Session II – Wednesday, 11/18, 5-6pm – Student Services Center, Room 216
Session III – Tuesday, 12/1, 2-3pm – Student Services Center, Room 216

To RSVP for any of the above workshops, contact Lindsay at (925) 685-1230, ext. 2076, or stop by the EOPS Office and let us know in person.


writingWith the new spring 2010 class schedule just posted online today, it’s time to start thinking about which classes you need to take next semester to keep moving towards your educational goal. Registration for continuing DVC students will begin Monday, November 30th (that’s the Monday after Thanksgiving). With some class sections being cut next semester due to the budget and more and more students trying to attend community colleges, early registration is a MUST for students hoping to get the courses and the schedule that they want.

For those of you who are a DSS or EOPS student, be sure to take advantage of the priority registration period starting the week of Thanksgiving. Some students will be able to start registering Monday, 11/23, while others will have a Tuesday, 11/24 date. By taking advantage of priority registration, you are basically getting almost a week’s head start on registration. It is your way to guarantee yourself a class schedule that works best for you next semester. To find out what your exact priority registration date is, you can either check your WebAdvisor account or stop by the EOPS or DSS office and ask the staff to assist you.

Check the DVC website, or click directly on the following link for the DVC Spring 2010 class schedule: http://www.dvc.edu/org/info/schedules/search.htm?term=Spring+2010